About Peter Killcommons

CEO Peter Killcommons has devoted his professional life and personal commitments to helping others. Combining medical expertise with business and tech experience, Peter Killcommons runs an information technology company delivering much needed assistance to medical organizations in disadvantaged and war-torn regions. Peter Killcommons also volunteers much of his time and efforts to philanthropic endeavors across the globe.

In order to provide secure and efficient methods of communication for healthcare operations, Peter Killcommons founded Medweb in 1992. Peter Killcommons’ company has launched over 1,000 worldwide installations, allowing for web-enabled and secure telemedicine, teleradiology, and RIS/PACS solutions. Many of Peter Killcommons’ installations were implemented in conjunction with the military, and his services are designed to work in even the most remote and technologically primitive locations. As CEO of Medweb, Peter Killcommons manages the radiology, telemedicine, and disaster response divisions of the company. Peter Killcommons also oversees the company’s philanthropic programs.

Peter Killcommons studied medicine through a unique program at the City College of New York. Enrolled in the institution’s Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, Peter Killcommons completed a special integrated curriculum to simultaneously earn a Bachelor of Science in Medicine and complete the first two years of medical school. Continuing his education at one of six participating local universities, Peter Killcommons acquired his Doctor of Medicine from New York Medical College.

In addition to his work with Medweb, Peter Killcommons partakes in a multitude of global charitable projects. Peter Killcommons donates to the American Red Cross, the World Cares Center, Fisher House Foundation, and Catholic Charities USA. During a humanitarian mission to Jalalabad, Afghanistan, Peter Killcommons paid for the installation of a new well in a small, nearby village. Peter Killcommons’ initial purpose for the trip was to deliver and install medical equipment and train local doctors on how to use them. He made the trip in late 2009 and has already planned two subsequent visits. Peter Killcommons also traveled to Peru, where he provided medical care, free surgery, and dental work to local villagers.